Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Stuff....!

Hey all, been very quiet recently..been very busy doing other things...unfortunatly! But now I have a spare moment or two, I am starting work on some new ideas.

This new Owl I made for a friend of mines son for his 1st birthday, but I am thinking I will make a few more and see how they go?? Also I made this coat for my son Finn and everyone who has seen it has gone mad for it, so I am in the process of sourcing some more wool fabric, as the fabric I used was just some stuff I had left over from a coat I made for myself years ago! It is so soft and gorgeous, I am hoping I will find some the same or similar??? So that is where I am at at the moment, but more things are in the pipeline just waiting to have the time to be able to produce them.

Working on some marketing cards that I will give with my items that I sell, a little extra thing to make things a little bit extra special. Also each toy will come with a little paragraph about what the toy likes to do and what they like, just to add to the imagination of the child recieving the toy...anyway we will see how we go!


  1. how gorgeous! love your creations!

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  2. Thanks Suzanna, your blog is beautiful! ;)


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