Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey there all! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Just wanted to let oyu now about the exciting news.....I now have t-shirts on offer. My toys that I have made, I have taken phtos of them and put them on t-shirts. Well I am not putting them on the t-shirts....Redbubble is! Yes, if you go to my store on and go to 'fabart', then click on the t-shirt tab, you will find my lovely can pick the colour t-shirt you want etc......
YAY! So very excited about this as it took me most of yesterday to work out how to remove the background from my first picture!!! But I didmanage to get it done. So now I just have to work on doing some more!
Hope you like them.
here is the link to make it easier or if you can't find it the other way. ;o)

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